Frequently asked questions


Are your sire and dam AKC registered?

Yes! They both have full AKC registrations.

What's the difference between a full AKC registration and a limited AKC registration?

A full AKC registration means any offspring may be registered with the AKC. A limited AKC registration means any offspring will not be able to be registered with the AKC.

Do you intend to provide a full or limited AKC registration for your litters?

We intend to provide a full AKC registration.

Will you provide AKC papers?

Yes, all required AKC forms and paperwork will be provided the day you take a puppy home.

Cost/Choosing a Puppy

When/how do I get to choose a puppy?

We will allow potential owners to see the litter no earlier than 4 weeks of age. Buyers will be able to choose their puppy on a first-come, first-served basis. A deposit of $300 is required to reserve your place in line for puppy selection. We have always performed a Puppy Aptitude Test when selecting our own puppies, and we intend to perform this assessment as breeders so each potential buyer has a good idea of each puppy's personality when selecting their puppy.

How much does a puppy cost?


Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A non-refundable $300 deposit is required.

Will we have to sign a contract?

Yes. It lays out both the guarantees we provide as breeders and the expectations we have of our buyers. The contract will be available soon on our website.


How old will the puppies be before you let them go home?

A minimum of 8 weeks. We reserve the right to extend that time on an individual basis if we feel a particular puppy needs more preparation to leave the litter. We believe the optimum time for a puppy to go home with a new owner is between 8 and 10 weeks of age.

Do you provide any puppy training?

Some. Starting on the third day after birth, we will incorporate Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for each puppy. The AKC describes the background and purpose of this stimulation here. We also plan to incorporate a thorough socialization program which will include continual human interaction from Day 1, exposure to both indoor and outdoor sounds and stimulation, and appropriate levels of stress at just the right age to promote confidence and a well-adjusted dog. We will also introduce the puppies to the basic concept of potty training by teaching them there is a certain place to relieve themselves. We do not provide any training services once the puppies leave our home. For more information, please contact us.

What kind of care do you provide for your puppies?

Our puppies are raised inside our home with our family always interacting with them. There is almost always someone present at all times. For more information, please contact us or see the FAQ titled "Do you provide any puppy training?"

Where do your adult dogs spend most of their time?

Our adult dogs live inside our home with us and are very much a part of our daily lives. They always sleep indoors but spend much of the summer enjoying life on our 3-acre property by swimming in our pool, playing ball with us, and chasing an occasional squirrel that dares to cross their paths. They equally enjoy the winter, standing ready to catch shoveled snow as it flies through the air, chasing our kids on a sled down the gentle slopes of our yard, or romping in high snow drifts on our regular property hikes.


Will the puppies have all required vaccinations?

It depends. Based on the recommendation of our vet, no vaccinations will be administered until 8 weeks of age. If you take a puppy home at 8 weeks, you will be responsible for starting the immunization routine in consultation with your vet. If any puppy goes home in week 9 or later, we will provide the first set of vaccines recommended by our vet.

Will your puppies be dewormed prior to going home?

Yes. Three rounds of dewormer will be administered according to the schedule recommended by our vet.

Will your puppies have their dewclaws removed?


What type of food should I give my puppy?

We will provide puppy food information prior to bringing the puppy home.

Who is your veterinarian and may we contact them?

Yes. We have always used Dr. Jackie Piepkorn, DVM and Dr. Andy Collins, DVM at Westonka Animal Hospital. Their contact information is: 952-472-4900 or


Do you have references?

Yes. While we are new to the breeding community, we have compiled a list of references for you if you feel it is necessary. Please contact us and we will provide that list.

Do you breed show dogs?

Not specifically. While our golden retrievers are fully AKC registered and are able to participate in AKC events, we choose to focus on breeding top-quality pets for families.

Do you ship your dogs?

No. You must pick them up in person.

Where are you located?

We live in Minnetrista, MN, which is on the western edge of the greater Minneapolis area.